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Patty Sanphy Group



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The Patty Sanphy Group delivers a soulful performance at the Ka'Tiki Sunset Beach.

August 1, 7:17 PMSt. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene             ExaminerKeith Wilkins








The Patty Sanphy Group at Ka'tiki Sunset Beach.
The Patty Sanphy Group at Ka'tiki Sunset Beach.
Keith A. Wilkins / KAM Music Publishing

Treasure Island: The Patty Sanphy Group performed at one of their usual haunts this past Friday, July 16th. They played at the Ka'Tiki Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, and even the rainy evening down pour couldn't put a damper on their "open-air" tiki bar performance.

Those who say that "women can't rock", either don't know music, or have never heard Patty Sanphy perform..... 

Syble & Company:

I first was introduced to Patty Sanphy about 20 years ago when she played with a local Country & Western style band called "Syble & Company". At a time when I was just starting out, trying desperately to get my foot into the door of the music industry as a Contract Songwriter, still so young and wet behind the ears.....Patty was already a locally established guitarist. It was very evident while watching Patty perform with "Syble & Company, that she was the "stand out" musician of the band.

*Columnist note: I was so impressed with Patty's command of the blues guitar, that in 1995 I tried to bring her into the studio to do some session guitar work on a 4 song project that I was working on in the studio myself. Unfortunate for me, Scheduling conflicts on me and my partners part prevented us from being able to collaborate with Patty.....Definitely our loss, for sure.

Patty Sanphy's Women's Blues Review:

As the 90's was coming to a close, Syble & Company was in Patty's rear view mirror, and the much more impressive blues oriented 9 piece band, Women's Blues Revue, was on the musical horizon. When I first had the pleasure of laying my eyes & ears upon the Women's Blues Revue about 10 years ago, it consisted of a very impressive, all woman (at first) 9 piece blues band with Patty leading the band. The band released one independent album entitled "Tell It".

Patty Sanphy Group:

The Rhythm & Blues oriented, Patty Sanphy Group, is a quartet that consists of Patty Sanphy on guitar and lead vocals, Tim Heding on Keys, Sandy Ross on bass, and Gary Denton on drums. This quartet can be described as nothing less then a collection of true, seasoned musicians. Anyone would be able to recognize this in no time, after just listening to the first few songs that they dish out.

Ka'Tiki Sunset Beach, July 16th, 2010 performance:

Although the evening started out raining on the open-air tiki bar, it didn't seem to discourage the patrons from enjoying some great rhythm & blues music that was being provided by the Patty Sanphy Group. Eventually the rain did ease up, but thank God the great music didn't!

Patty sounded the same as I remember her always sounding.....Great! Patty's vocal styling had a wonderful combination of blues and soul to it, just like it always does. Her guitar playing is never disappointing, but always leaving you with a hunger for more.

Drummer, Denny McCarthy, was  truly shining on this evening. Maybe part of the reason was due to it being his Birthday, and being on a sugar high from his birthday cake. However, with that said, you can not take away the fact that he more then knows his way around a drum set.

*Columnist note: I'm still trying to figure out how I got suckered into helping pass out the plates of cake & plastic forks?

Denny has played with quite a list of musicians in his time. He has toured with Hubert Sumlin, Rock Bottom, T.C.Carr, Sarasota Slim, and many, many more. 

Denny played the drums with an obvious passion, laying down the framework of a solid beat, and great fills for the other musicians to perform their magic to. Denny delivered a couple of impressive drum solos that could easily be considered eye popping, and ear pleasing.

A lot of people have stereotypes of what their idea of a "typical" bass player should look like. I think a lot of this is due to the awkward, elongated shape & look that an electric bass guitar has. But if at first glance someone wouldn't consider Sandy Ross as not looking like their idea of a  stereotypical bass player...any misplaced stereotypes would soon be thrown out the window once they see her strap that bass on, and hear her play. Sandy played some truly amazing grooves on her bass. If your foot wasn't tapping to her rhythms, then it was either asleep due to poor circulation, or someone needed to check you for a pulse.

And last but not least, there was Tim Heding on Keys. If anyone has any question to Tim's qualifications to being called a serious and well established musician, they would need not look any further then to look at his musical resume. Tim has played & recorded with some of the truly legendary greats in this industry including Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers, Hank Ballard and the "Godfather of Soul" himself, James Brown. Tim can be heard on Gregg Allman's album, "No Stranger to the Dark: The Best of Gregg Allman", released in 2002, and then re-released in 2008. 

Tim played exceptionally, undertaking a series of inspiring solos during the bands performance that evening.

In closing, the Patty Sanphy Group had the entire audience at the Ka'Tiki Sunset Beach entertained and loving every second of their performance. The group belted out some great rhythm & Blues cover songs in their own unique style. The only major downside I could find in their performance was the fact that it was outdoors, which meant I was disappointed because I couldn't get to hear them inside where they would sound even better then they did, due to the better acoustics that an indoor venue would provide!

If you haven't had the opportunity yet of listening to the Patty Sanphy Group, please check out one of their performances. Their next performance will be on Saturday, August 21st at Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach from 6:30pm - 9:30pm. and at the Ka-tiki, Sept 25, 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

* For more information on the Patty Sanphy Group, including their show schedule, please check out the official Patty Sanphy Group website.

* For more information on the Patty Sanphy, Women's Blues Review, check out the Womens Blues Revue  Website. To order a copy of their CD, "Tell It", please order here.

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